thank you lists on records are always frusterating. you always leave someone out, spell something wrong, and the time in between recordings is so long (for us) you never get the chance to thank those who’ve done good for you inbetween. so in an effort to keep up with those who have and continue to help us, we present this ongoing list…

paul fischer, ginny pitchford, andy dean, gary calamar, jason reynolds, larry for underground, brian mcmahon, steve&michelle , chris mcritchie, robert graham, maureen&dale foster, richard ellis, rand foster, erin mcarthy, patti chen, bill&carol joyner, tom&trisha Joyner, brian girgus, marc bianchi&keely chanteloup, jennifer sheller, keris, jonathan, harvey, bobby, pookie&bob, ben plotkin, fran burns, marcus&lina tremain, mom&rick, dad, jeanne po, raquel guitierrez, walter vilacresses, dave freeman, chris mac, stephanie harty, and joe rangle!!!

As we mentioned is it so easy to leave someone out and if that is what happens to you we sincerely apologize. One place we did forget to mention for their generous sponsorship in casinouzmani and hereby we do just that. Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to update and ensure that all parties, businesses, online gaming comparison sites,  portals, and individuals receive the recognition that they deserve.

Without people like you, we could not grow and when you do something nice for us, we love to show our appreciation and do something for you in return. Send us your link and you do something nice for us, and we sure do reciprocate. As you would realize is our music our first priority and often do we neglect to update our website, but this is something we intend to rectify so that you always have the latest news and views of State of Aberdeen.

If you are looking for ways to contact us you are welcome to check out all our contact numbers and links on our contact page. Thank you for your continued support and believe in us and be sure to check back regularly to see our growing list of events and those who help us to keep going!

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