01: Byron
02: Toy Tambourine
03: Fran

Beth: bass guitar, vocals
John: guitar, programming
Jenni: guitar, backing vocals, keyboards

Engineered by Jamie Seyberth
Produced by Jamie Seyberth and Aberdeen
Photograph by Maureen Foster

7″ and CD single
1994 Sarah Records
Sarah 93

The best of the three Sarah singles on offer this week. Not that that should be taken as anything approaching a recommendation. Two parts whine to one part strum, “Byron” is the musical equivalent of milky tea. Just what you’d expect from a group who draw stickpeople pictures of themselves on the sleeve. What dull lives they must leave.

Aberdeen ought to get out of their bedsits a bit more. Get a couple of Es down their necks. Get themselves a remixer, perhaps. Paul Oakenfold seems up for anything at the moment.


“Push”, Melody Maker, 15th October 1994.

01: Fireworks
02: When It Doesn’t Matter
03: Super Sunny Summer

Beth: vocals, bass
Jenni: guitar, vocals
John: guitar, drums

Produced by Aberdeen and Steve McClintic
Engineered by Steve McClintic
Original Drawing by Rachel Thorson

7″ and CD single
Vital Distribution
Made in England
1995 Sarah Records
Sarah 97

“Fireworks” is the second single from Los Angeles trio Aberdeen released by Sarah (the label’s other U.S. band is pop confectioner East River Pipe). The song’s delicate pace and soft shower of tremoloed guitars perfectly cloak singer Beth’s winsome words of heartache.

The flipside offers two more morsels of gracefully sculpted pop: The billows of guitars on “When It Doesn’t Matter” eventually build to a quiet storm, while “Super Sunny Summer” takes a somewhat sunnier disposition, its beautiful guitar picking and churning electric strumming never getting in each other’s way.


Lydia Anderson: CMJ New Music Report Issue: 425 – May 01, 1995

01: Snapdragon
02: I Think I’m Falling (they go boom!! cover)

Beth: vocals, bass
John: guitars, drum machine

Produced by Aberdeen and Steve McClintic
Engineered by Steve McClintic
Photograph by ginny l. pitchford

7″ record
1995 Sunday Records
Sunday 035
Sink or Float
a: Sink or Float
b: Drive

Played by Beth, John, Brian, Kelly & Johnny
Recorded at Rollercoaster by Dave Newton
Editing by Dave Klotz
Mastered by Dave Schultz at Digiprep
Photography by Ginny Pitchford

7″ single
2001 the tremolo arm users club
Distributed by Better Looking Records
trm 001

In case you were wondering, yes, this is the same wonderful Aberdeen that released singles for Sarah and Sunday Records, then disappeared many years back. The title track on the A-side is probably the best song I’ve heard from them since “Byron”.

They’ve got a more full sound, with real drums and very layered, shoegazy guitars. Heck, the sub-label this is on is called “The Tremolo Arm Users Club” and the cover is a picture of a guitar distortion pedal in a bed of flowers. That image right there is a pretty good description of the sound. Very Moose…

The b-side is a softer song, but still very upbeat. Both songs are totally joyous, of course. And both songs will also be on their upcoming record, due out very soon, I hear! I sure am looking forward to that release!


IndiePages, May 2002
Homesick and Happy To Be Here


01. Handsome Drink
02. Sink or Float
03. Clouds Like These
04. Sunny In California
05. Thousand Steps
06. Homesick
07. Cities & Buses
08. Drive
09. In My Sleep
10. That Cave… That Moon

Produced by aberdeen with David Newton
Recorded by David Newton at Rollercoaster Recording
Mixed by David Newton, Dave Klotz, and Aberdeen
Production by
Dave Klotz
Mastered by Dave Schultz at Digiprep

All songs © 2001 the tremolo arm users club (BMI)

Photography by Ginny L. Pitchford
Boquet by Betsy Davis
Art Direction & layout by aberdeen

See inside sleeve for writers, player credits & words

CD full length
2002 the tremolo arm users club
Distributed by Better Looking Records
trmc 002

Compilation Appearances:

Battery Point

04: Fran
14: Fireworks

Cover Photographs: Poole’s Wharf, The Floating Harbour, Bristol
All songs taken from Sarah

7″ singles and EPs
1995 Sarah Records
Sarah 359

Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is this the worst of the Sarah comps. It’s a
classic on par with the rest. Blueboy “River“, The Hit Parade
Autobiography“, Northern Picture Library “Paris“, Shelley “Hero“… just kill
me now…

Pop American Style CD1

19: Marine Parade (for Keith Blueboy

Beth: vocals, bass, guitar
Brian: drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards

Accidentally recorded in mono by the 3rd bassist of Ratt at his home studio somewhere in North Hollywood with tape over the “reverb button“, cause “Steve Albini doesn’t use reverb“.
Produced by Beth & Brian

Compact Disc
1996 March Records

Other notable bands on this compilation include Shoestrings, Rocketship, Alan Clapp, Poundsign and Holiday Flyer.

I Started A Joke

01: How Deep Is Your Love?

Beth: vocals, bass
John: guitars, drum machine
Jenni: keyboard, vocals

Produced by Aberdeen and Steve McClintic
Engineered by Steve McClintic

Compact Disc
1996 Sunday Records
Sunday 860

A 5 song compilation of Mostly 60s Bee Gees covers done by us, The Proctors, PO!, Orange Cake Mix, and Shoestrings.

A Boy, a Girl and a Rendez-vous

11: She Never Understood

Beth: vocals
John: guitars, bass, vocals
Johnny: slide guitar and drums

Recorded by Johnny & John in the loft and Beth’s bathroom on a portable 8-track digital recorder.

Compact Disc
2001 Red Roses For Me

Our version of the Biff! Bang! Pow! Classic. Beth played it for Alan. He said it sounded like Mazzy Star, but he didn’t say if he liked it… Other bands on this comp. Include The Ailers Set, White Town, The Sugargliders, & The Arrogants.